What is involved in a Residential Inspection?

Home Property Inspection

Structure: Foundation, Floor structure, Wall structure, Columns, Ceiling structure, Roof structure, Attic and Crawlspace

Exterior: Wall cladding, Site drainage, Windows, Doors, Patios/porches/decks, Patio covers, Sidewalks and Driveway

Roofing: Roof covering, Roof deck, Roof drainage, Gutters/downspouts/leaders, Flashings, and State how the roof and attic were inspected

Plumbing: Water supply, Distribution, Drain piping, Waste piping, Vent piping, Water heater, Material types, Functional flow and drainage tests

Electrical: Amperage, Voltage, Wire type, Service type, Location of panels, Presence of aluminum branch circuit wiring

HVAC: Energy source, Heating type, Distribution, Cooling type, Insulation and Vapor Retarders in unfinished spaces