Who Is Inspector Jay

Jay CielinskiHello, my name is Jay Cielinski. I was born and raised in central Minnesota.  I started Inspect It in 2006 because I have always had an interest in how things work, how to make things work, and how to fix what doesn’t work.

My mission in this business is to help my clients to be educated in the property they are purchasing, to be aware of any potential problems as well as knowing the possibilities a property has.  My motto is, Don’t suspect it, Inspect it—and that is exactly how I feel.  In my experience, a well educated consumer, is the happiest consumer.  I am told I have the ability to explain in layman terms, what to the average person would be overwhelmingly confusing.

I do not leave an inspection until I have met with the property buyer, and went through the report in detail and answered any questions given to me.

To date, I have had many compliments on how I do business, and I will continue to work at keeping that reputation.